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About Us


CDW Merchants is a leading provider of 3D Visual Retail Displays and E-commerce gift packaging to the nation’s leading retailers. Our sole focus on retail has allowed us to bring creative visions to life for retailers like Kate Spade, Amazon, American Eagle, and Fossil.

Located across the US, we help retailers create visually effective props and small fixtures to their stores and deliver creatively branded ecommerce gift packaging. Our ability to render, prototype, develop, source, and rollout your retail displays both domestically and internationally are unique in our industry. Our ecommerce packaging solutions provide uniquely branded gift packaging solutions that can be rapidly assembled by your workforce with minimal effort.

Both these services rely on our years of experience in the industry, key partnerships across the globe, and specialized processes. The majority of our team has grown up in this industry and is incredibly passionate about helping retailers connect with their consumers.

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Visual Retail Display


E-Commerce Packaging


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