Hanging Mannequins @ Kate Spade Saturday

Kate Spade Saturday knows how to draw in their customers by utilizing a see-through window display. This display definitely invites the passer-by to come and look inside.

For this fall campaign “Hey, Let’s Hang!” we love the overall composition of the two mannequins holding each other’s arms. It is a nice metaphor and matches perfectly with the theme of their campaign. Articulated arms give more vitality to the overall display by allowing the mannequins to make more realistic moves, like holding items and each other.

Kate Spade Saturday is youth brand who successfully creates playful and interactive window displays season after season. Well done!

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Mannequins hats @H&M

The Swedish giant H&M has come up with a few funny and animated window displays. Replacing the mannequins head with giant balls of wool is brilliant and a playful idea. It definitely makes us think of winter in a new way! The denim windows are well executed and open new ways to work within the denim world  without the rustic style that we see everywhere. We enjoy these perky and fun displays, nicely done.

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Stylish & Spooky @ Lanvin

With fall setting in, it will soon be Halloween! To put us in the mood, here are some stylish and spooky windows created by Romain Stiegler and Mr Alber Elbaz for the Lanvin flagship store in Paris. The use of dramatic colors and strong light makes the general atmosphere theatrical and creepy. We like how they use the distressed doors and the wood floor panel as a canvas for the scary shadows.

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Lucky Brand Beverly Hills

Lucky Brand has opened this exciting new store concept in Beverly Hills. We love the use of the furniture and fixtures in combination with the different textures and materials. The classic and rustic look gives a nice harmonic contrast that is very brand appropriate. The design of the different sections is well executed using natural materials providing an authentic feeling. We hope to see this concept rolled out to more stores. See original post here.

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Flower and Guitars @ Guess

The modern cowboy and cowgirl love story was evident in the newest Guess window display we saw the other day. Here is a great example of how the way windows are dressed with props can tell the story of the product. The modern day cowboy is highlighted with the bright lights that tie in the Guess branding, and the story is clear of the man with the guitar serenading the woman and her flowers. With the right amount of modern but distressed aesthetic, these windows have an extremely cohesive look. Well done.

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Lord and Taylor Vintage Props

We were recently inside a Lord and Taylor store and were highly impressed by the array of vintage props that accompanied their shoes and clothing sections. The vintage luggage, ladders, and antlers brought a warm and masculine feel to the menswear and footwear sections. In particular the ladders are great because they help elevate the product merchandise the shoes well. We hope to see other retailers continue the vintage trend we have noticed growing over the past few months.

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Suitcases @ Sperry

Sperry has an amazing bent wood set of “suitcases” in their windows right now. The blue and yellow stripe reflect the brand well, and the distressed finishing adds a good amount of character. Great way to tell the travelers story and merchandise shoes in a small window footprint. Looking forward to seeing how they continue to utilize these props.

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J.Crew Invites You to Tell a Story with Your Denim

J.Crew has cleverly used vintage books and accessories in their window displays to show the plethora of #jcrewdenim options they have to offer. The idea here is for your denim to fit exactly how you want it to and tell your story as you live and have experiences in them.

The windows display their vintage denim in both light and indigo washes and the mannequins complete the look with vintage accessories as well. This was a great way for J.Crew to showcase the many different jean styles and washes they offer, and we can’t wait to tell our story here at CDWM.

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KENZO Catches Eyes with Creative Windows

Japanese designer KENZO is known for bold colors and prints; this combined with abstract fixtures gave them the perfect formula for an eye-catching window display. The windows in their Paris shop display a great use of contrasting textures to highlight the fabrics and slim silhouettes of their fall/winter 2014 pieces. One key abstract feature they used on all of their windows is replacing the traditional mannequin heads with industrial wiring. This definitely caught our eye here at CDW Merchants and it will undoubtedly catch the eyes of those who pass by the Paris shop!

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Nike Amazes with Mercurial Window

Nike is looking to do all that they can to speed past Adidas in the World Cup 2014 market. They strategically released their new Mercurial boot and a series of ads to showcase its vast benefits. The key feature Nike wants to display is how light the boot is and how it will allow the wearer to be light on their feet and add more speed to their game. Nike was able to decrease the weight through the implementation of their patented “flyknit” technology, which is lighter than previous boots, while providing the same level of ankle support and lockdown.

Nike got extremely creative with their window display, and was able to showcase the shoe’s new design element and insinuate that it is built for speed. Adidas has their work cut out for them as they look to catch up. We look forward to watching the battle between Nike and Adidas unfold while we watch the World Cup action at CDW Merchants!

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