Glitter Holiday @ Kate Spade

Kate Spade dazzled us with their rose gold glitter decor this holiday. The glitter disc strands, the glitter boxes, and the glitter spheres accompanied each other and made a large statement. This tied in perfectly with the theme of #yougotthis.  The bathtub was a very playful nod to getting ready for New Years. Using their custom pink champaign bottles and dressing up in wigs tells a story to the customer of the experience they want to have. This paired with their twitter hashtag was a great way to combine E-commerce and the In Store retail shopping experience. Well done!

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Trend Watch: Wrapped Gifts

Wrapped gifts have been all over the place this holiday season. Here are a few of the ones that we liked. Above is Van’s simple approach to the classic wrapped gift. We thought that the below image from Timberland was also a great classic Kraft and Twine look.

Below is Aerie’s wrapped gifts, which look very similar to the Festive Boxes @ Kiehl’s.

We also love these wrapped gifts from Chico’s, Ann Taylor and DVF. We love the range of look you can get from a highly elevated branded look, to a classic seasonal look like in these Brooks Brothers windows.

DKNY wrapped boxes above via

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Lucky Brand Holiday

Taking a different approach to their displays, Lucky’s windows feature a dark and muted color palette of grays and blacks while incorporating pops of red within their mannequin looks and marketing.  Looking closer at the window when we were passing by, we came across the free-standing, multi- shelf shelving unit that was creatively converted into a wrapped gift while featuring festive small props.  How creative! While the window may not make a loud statement to those walking past, it easily holds the shopper’s attention once they slow down and take a look!

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Holiday Celebrations @ Bebe

The time between Christmas and New Year can be overwhelmingly short for both customers and retailers alike as we bounce from one celebration to the next. Getting ahead of their competition, Bebe has put together a dazzling display of holiday attire hinting at an easy way to transition your holiday party dress into the New Year. Incorporating classic holiday colors, the displays feature a backdrop of gold and silver ribbon as mock curtains in combination with the modern black and white clothing color palette which makes their display truly pop. We also notice a lot of fairy lights being used in their clear risers. We will continue to watch this trend!

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Black and White Boxes @ Ann Taylor

Following a trend that we have been taking note of this season of wrapped presents as statement props, Ann Taylor has made a statement with the trend by stacking their windows full of black ribboned white boxes for the upcoming holiday. Using only small accents of evergreen branches incorporated into the ribbon of the different shapes and sizes of the boxes, the window displays compliment the style of the company and customers and have managed to catch the attention of those passing by without sending an overwhelming message. Well done!

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Americana Christmas @ Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers rich heritage of American sportswear is more than apparent in their holiday window displays with the use of rich colors, patterns, and classic backdrop scenery. Incorporating bold plaids with saturated holiday hues of maroon, forest green, navy, and ivory, shoppers passing are able to get a true sense of the brand without even having to ever set foot in the store. With wrapped boxes serving as festive props while adding depth to their window displays, everyone here at CDW Merchants felt their holiday spirit.


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Optical Illusion @ Lucy

Do you see what we see? Activewear retailer Lucy has brought their holiday windows to a whole new level by playing with optical illusions and perspective. Comprised of multi-colored plastic pieces suspended from a hanging fixture and shaped into a Christmas scene, shoppers are lured in to the windows for a second glance after passing by and seeing the bright colors and initial blurred outline of a Christmas tree.  Though the rest of the window scene is basic with only mannequin looks, we were definitely impressed with the thought and creativity here! Hope to see more of this in the future!




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Snowflakes @ Anthropologie

No matter what season, we continue to be blown away by the creativity seen with Anthropology’s visual displays. Skipping the elaborate backdrops and small festive props that are commonly seen in holiday windows, Anthropology uses a basic snow blanket in the bottom of their windows and paired it with elaborate, one-of-a-kind snowflakes. We were most impressed with the massive, multi-color snowflakes that were suspended from the ceiling behind the window mannequins. What a great idea that keeps the windows interesting, but still “brand specific” in concept and display. Well done!


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Winter Wonderland @ Hermes

Staying true to the elegant and chic aesthetic of the European brand, Hermes brings a sophisticated edge to their winter windows and displays with a classic ski and snow lodge setting. Offering a panoramic mountain view as the back drop, we loved how the windows included a humorous aspect with comic-book themed cut-outs of the mountain, trees, and snow lounge in combination with the luxury winter products being featured. This approach is a useful tactic that allows the loyal customer of the store to keep coming back while capturing the attention of other shoppers walking by.

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BCBG Holiday

A growing trend we have seen this holiday season in a number of different retailers is the use of simple, but classic holiday colors in windows and visual displays. Seen here in the BCBG Max Azria Holiday display, the store uses different shades of crisp white on various props including luggage, wrapped boxes, and back wall structures, which pairs well with the silver accent of the ribbon and other small props. This trend speaks a strong message and further confirms that a minimal approach to visual displays can be just as impactfull on shoppers and customers.

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