Student Window Challenge @ Saks

CDW Merchants is proud to show off these windows! We donated some of the props to help visual merchandising students create these windows for a Saks competition. We love the white theme and were glad that we could give back to some of the great talent coming out of the LIM visual merchandising school. See some press from DDI here!

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Feather Headdress @ Guess Marciano

These headdresses at Guess Marciano are simply stunning. The pompous grasses give a beautiful feathery look. We love how these draw your attention into the display, but then allows you to focus on the apparel. Well done.

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Trend Watch: Jungle

Kate Spade, Hugo Boss, and Shanghai Tang each have taken a unique approach towards a jungle motif in their displays. From paper to authentic ferns, these windows bring a green and tropical touch to the streets of London. The floral related trend theme continues into late spring early summer, and we hope to see it evolve for the fall.

See our other trend watch posts here. Original Kate Spade, Hugo Boss, and Shanghai Tang posts here.

Visit Shanghai Tang to learn more about this emerging brand!

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Flowers @ Coach

These flower Coach letters are awesome. The detail work of the flowers and letters are impeccable. The color theme is very fresh, and these definitely grab your attention. Bravo! See our last Coach post here.

See original post here.

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Club Monaco Spring Recap

There have been a lot of great themes this spring at Club Monaco. We want to recap what we have seen these last few months.

We loved the glass bubble ornaments early in the year.

It then moved into baby’s breath balls and bunches earlier this spring.

They followed that up with a wheat grass motif.

The latest window is a simple yet effective mass amount of various size paper lanterns! We are looking forward to seeing the next set of windows!

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Ralph Lauren London

These Ralph Lauren windows are beautiful. They scream of the RL brand style with the perfect blend of vintage, drama, and spring. Well done.

Original post here.

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Spring @ UNIQLO

This simple and colorful spring window at UNIQLO has us thinking about all the fun, eye-catching, brand appropriate, YET cost effective ways we can make an impact on our customers. The modern look of these PostIt sized squares displayed in an Ombre pattern speaks loudly to UNIQLO’s brand and the fashions they are showing this season. Great inspiration that we suspect will come up again somewhere this year!

See the original post here.

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Magnum Bardamu Wine Box

Here is a great example of how to uniquely package and ship wine. Re-purposing the idea of a book box, Bardamu has figured out a way to use corrugate, which is extremely strong and protective, and have it also lend a distinct textural look to the design. An elegant way to combine form and function. Well done.

See original post here.

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Trend Watch: Games

Asprey London has created this narrative window with oversize board game props. The playful props are different and remind us of family times and fun parties.

Liberty London has followed suit (pun intended) with a game themed window. The classic word search lines the walls of their windows and the manniquins are upside down and jumbled just like the word search. Another playful theme! See original posts here and here.

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Thinking Outside the Box

Simple kraft boxes have their place, but when you have the opportunity to differentiate your product and add value, why go with a simple box when you can incorporate the product and your brand image into the design of a unique carton?  Taking that extra step in design can make all the difference in this highly competitive world. Here we have highlighted a few recent “outside the box”  packages that are doing just that. They have taken that next step in design and they are building on their products and growing their brand through their packaging.

The Germany company Görtz sells children’s shoes, and they have done a fantastic job of engaging the customer through their shoe boxes.  Görtz incorporated the shoelaces of their product as colorful small worms that were being eaten by the packaging itself – birds!  What an interactive package that can be used as a toy after purchase. See the original post.

Oops! Panties incorporated packaging in a witty way that connects to the content of their product – panties.  The packaging resembles a woman’s skirt which covers the inner packaging that the panties are held within. See the original post.

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