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CDW Merchants specializes in designing high quality store props and visual retail displays. But our experience with large retailers tells us that prop design and production has little value unless it is accompanied by an effective distribution strategy.

As a total solution provider, we offer the best-in-breed complex prop kitting designed to meet the unique quantity demands and fulfillment requirements of A, B, C level and high profile stores. No two distribution challenges are the same, so CDW Merchants develops custom solutions based on your specific requirements.

At CDW Merchants, we won’t rest until you're completely satisfied with the design and quality of your visual display elements – and your stores are equipped with the tools they need to present your props to enhance the customer experience.

As a large retailer, the worst-case scenario is for visual display elements to reach store locations too late to maximize seasonal selling opportunities. At CDW Merchants, it’s our job to make sure your brand never has to worry about delivery delays.

We use time-tested procedures to generate the seamless distribution of props and visual components. Backed by our firsthand knowledge of lead times and retail deadlines, our fulfillment processes guarantee that your visual display piece will arrive in a timely manner, eliminating the hassle and frustration that can potentially occur during peak retail seasons.

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